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Hello, I'm Mica Michelle.

What if I told you that you can regain control of your sex life and feel confident again in the bedroom and beyond?

Struggling with erectile dysfunction and feeling like you've exhausted all options with no success? I get how frustrating and disheartening it can be. ED can be a humiliating issue that impacts your self-confidence and your connections, both in and out of the bedroom. But there's hope!

Be sure to check out the information below about my next upcoming ERECT Group Program.

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Are You Ready to Experience the Pleasure and Intimacy You Deserve?

Sign up for my upcoming ERECT Group Program and learn how to gain more power and confidence in and out of the bedroom today!

The ERECT Group Program: Transforming Erectile Dysfunction into an Empowering Journey of Self-Discovery and Renewal

Let's chat about wins for a moment. Inside my ERECT Group Program, we're all about celebrating your progress. I remember a client who was making some really big strides but chalked it up to 'pure luck'. He was holding on to his old limits, and guess what, it kept him stuck right there.

Then we flipped the script. I guided him to a new way of thinking and feeling. We rewired his neural pathways to make it automatic for him to celebrate his wins and expect success in the bedroom.


The change was nothing short of spectacular! It wasn't just work, we had loads of fun, and before we knew it, his energy had completely shifted. Maintaining an erection became a walk in the park and he even attracted an amazing woman he now travels the world with.

Journey to Power: Untangling ED

What we often tag as "ED" is usually a tangled web of past hurts, deep-seated worry, and false beliefs. My approach is like a deep-sea dive. We go all the way to the root of these issues, heal them at their core to create a real, lasting shift.

But here's the thing, you're more than an 'ED case'. You're a man full of potential, ready to reclaim his power, ready to step into a whole new level of living. Feeling ready for this transformative journey? Let's start this adventure together!

Reignite Your Passion: Take Your Power Back Today Today!

Watch Mica's FREE ERECT Webinar
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Join Mica Michelle's exclusive webinar and overcome ED once and for all. With proven strategies and techniques tailored to address the underlying causes of ED, this is your chance to take the first step towards regaining your confidence and enjoying a satisfying sex life. Don't miss out!

Unleash Your Sexual Power

Don't let ED control your life any longer. Sign up today to discover the life-changing benefits of our program. You deserve to feel confident and empowered in the bedroom and in life. Take the first step towards a happier, healthier you.

TIME IS RUNNING OUT! Enroll today and discover the key to a passionate, fulfilling love life that will transform your world!

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Feeling Frustrated with Temporary ED Fixes?

You Are Not Alone!

Did you know that over 52% of men suffer from ED? In the ERECT Group Program, I help you create a safe and supportive space to heal and overcome any challenges that are holding you back from experiencing pleasure and intimacy.


Whether you've experienced trauma or struggle with erectile dysfunction, I designed the ERECT Group Program to help you heal and transform your relationship with your sexuality.  Isn't it time to take action and overcome the barriers that are holding you back? 

Dan M., CA

"Mica not only transformed my sex life, but literally my whole life. My income skyrocketed and I had experiences I never would have dreamed of. If you are on the fence, JUST DO IT!" 
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Tired of Feeling Anxious About Your Bedroom Performance?

Watch Mica's Free Webinar

Unleash Your Inner Passion: Ignite Irresistible Intimacy & Transform Your Love Life Today with ERECT Group Program. Discover the Secrets to Unstoppable Sexual Confidence & Mind-Blowing Pleasure with this Revolutionary Group Program!

  • Unlock Your Hidden Passion & Reignite the Spark in Your Relationship! 

  • Experience Unshakable Power & Profound Pleasure In and Out of the bedroom! 

  • Elevate Your Intimate Performance & Skyrocket Your Partner's Satisfaction!


Don't let fear or self-doubt hold you back any longer! Embrace the power of ERECT Group Program and create the deeply fulfilling, wildly passionate love life you deserve!

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Unlock your full sexual power with Mica Michelle's Erect Group Program. Boost your confidence, get closer to your partner, and enjoy an amazing sex life with personalized help and proven techniques. Heal ED, build confidence, and take on life with unstoppable energy. Sign up now and level up your love life!

The Solution You Have Been Waiting For!

Rise Above ED: Let's Ignite Your True Power Within!

Meet Your Program Creator

A Straightforward Expert You Can Trust!
Intimacy Coach Mica Michelle, with 16+ years of experience, empowers individuals to overcome trauma, unleash orgasmic energy, and transform their lives. Specializing in erectile dysfunction, Mica's wildly effective and research-based approach helps men unlock their full potential and transform their love lives.


Her online course, Erect, provides tailored guidance to conquer ED and unlock sexual potential. Mica's non-judgmental, bold, and supportive style makes her a sought-after intimacy coach. Follow @AwakenedSexuality on Instagram or join the ERECT Group Program to experience Mica's Sexual Mastery Method and enjoy more fulfilling and satisfying sexual experiences.

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Revitalize Your Love Life

Experience the Pleasure and Intimacy You Deserve!

Take control of your sex life with ERECT - the effective and permanent solution for erectile dysfunction. Our comprehensive approach addresses physical, emotional, and psychological factors. Sign up now for proven techniques tailored to your unique needs. Feel your best and enjoy all life has to offer. Join the ERECT Group Program today!

Mica's Personal Mantra -

"Unlocking Sexual Energy: The Key to Life, Creativity, and Personal Growth"

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