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Erect Group Program Terms of Service

By using this website and /or enrolling in the Erect Group Program, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Confidentiality: Participants in the Erect Group Program are required to maintain strict confidentiality regarding the personal information and experiences shared by fellow participants during group sessions. This includes, but is not limited to, names, contact details, personal stories, and any sensitive or private information. Breaching confidentiality is grounds for immediate removal from the program without a refund.

  2. Respect and Courtesy: Participants are expected to treat fellow group members, Mica Michelle, and her team with respect and courtesy at all times. Any form of harassment, discrimination, or inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated and may result in removal from the program.

  3. Payment and Refund Policy: Full payment is required upon enrollment in the Erect Group Program. Refunds may be requested up to 14 days before the start of the program, less a processing fee. No refunds will be issued after the program has commenced.

  4. Intellectual Property: All materials provided in the Erect Group Program, including course content, resources, and exercises, are the intellectual property of Mica Michelle and may not be reproduced, distributed, or used for commercial purposes without express written permission.

  5. Limitation of Liability: By participating in the Erect Group Program, you acknowledge that Mica Michelle and her team are providing guidance and support but cannot guarantee specific results. Participants are responsible for their own actions and decisions and assume full responsibility for any risks or consequences associated with their participation in the program.

  6. Medical Disclaimer: The Erect Group Program is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always consult a healthcare professional before making any changes to your health or lifestyle, particularly if you have a pre-existing medical condition or are taking medication.

  7. Changes to Terms of Service: Mica Michelle reserves the right to modify these Terms of Service at any time. Participants will be notified of any changes, and continued participation in the program constitutes acceptance of the updated terms.


By using this website and /or enrolling in the Erect Group Program, you confirm that you have read, understood, and agree to these Terms of Service. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mica Michelle via the contact form on the website.

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